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DiaryOfSelf’s Mastercard “Priceless” Parody

For the first time ever, I have found the perfect prompt to use, relating to the theme “Priceless”.

Cost of a half tank of gas: $20 or less

Cost of my food order at a nearby Japanese restaurant (before tax or coupons): $15.20 (Did the price go up? I don’t remember smoke salmon nigiri or chicken tempura roll costing as much as it did)

Monthly kickboxing membership: $95

Monthly car payment: $175

Cost of a tenor sax (an instrument I want): Thousands of dollars (yeah, if I get married, I want this as my wedding gift)

Feeling like I’m closer to having a purpose in life thanks to Franklin and my mom: Priceless

For everything else, there is Mastercard (but I don’t use credit cards).

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