Fun Post! Cartoon Crushes from my Past

We’re going to take a break from the serious topics for a moment and have some fun! It’s been years since I did a fun post and after watching many videos of people talking about their childhood cartoon crushes, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my past cartoon crushes! This could have been another YouTube video, but I stopped making YouTube videos years ago. Let’s get started with my very first cartoon crush ever…

Elroy Jetson (The Jetsons): There’s a picture of me as a four-year-old holding a plush Elroy Jetson doll and wearing a veil. According to my mom, I wanted to marry Elroy. Cara Jetson. Dia Jetson. Which sounds better? Funny enough, my husband used to have blond hair when he was born. It’s a light-ish brown with some gray hairs now.

Nick Dean (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius): My cousin and I both had a crush on the cool guy when we saw the movie. Now the next cartoon crush is probably the most popular crush amongst women…

Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom): I know some people had a crush on ghost Danny instead of human Danny, but I liked both. The first kid superhero on Nickelodeon (that was how we was billed at the time) attracted me for some reason. I guess because… I don’t know. I was 11 at the time. I even made a collage of him in my journal and showed it to my friend Jenna.

Peanut Otter (PB&J Otter): I forgot about this one. I think it’s kind of an old shame. One of two non-human crushes and I was way too old to be watching Playhouse Disney (hey, very few people had Disney Channel back in the day, and it was only available on cable to everyone in 2002). I was watching PB&J Otter before a trip to Ocean City, MD when I saw the episode “World’s Strongest Otter” where Peanut Otter wanted to be super strong after doing horribly on those “test your strength” games in carnivals.

Willy Zilla (My Dad the Rock Star): I can’t remember why I liked this guy. I guess this started my interest in white guys with glasses. (looks at my husband) I know nowadays, Willy is considered the whiny, entitled white boy (the internet’s words not mine). I’m also just happy that I didn’t see every episode in the series because Willy ends up dating his friend Alyssa and I would not have liked her. I didn’t like pairings that involved my crushes, but that hate starts later.

Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long): He’s cool, he’s hot like the frozen sun. Emphasis on hot. Jake Long was the first crush I ever had (cartoon or real person) who wasn’t 100% white. No, my crush on him wasn’t because of him being “exotic”, and I get annoyed at people who use as much slang as Jake did in Season 1.

Matt (Cyberchase): I watched Cyberchase from the time it first aired until high school, so I never saw the movie or watched the turn when Cyberchase stopped focusing on math and started focusing on the environment. However, despite me starting to watch Cyberchase in elementary school, it wasn’t until I was in seventh grade when I started developing a crush on the red-headed farmer boy who is also athletic. When I discovered that Cyberchase had a DVD made thanks to an advertisement on Nick Magazine, my parents and I searched for that DVD, but you could only buy it online. I know he’s usually shipped with either Jackie or Inez and both girls also have a crush on Slider, but which girl is better for Matt: Jackie or Inez?

Aldrin Pesky (The Buzz on Maggie): So hi, I like muscles. Aldrin flexed his muscles multiple times in the show, including in the theme song when he’s posed in front of a mirror.

Fred (Time Warp Trio): I blame the muscles again! The episode “See You Later, Gladiator!” is my favorite episode for the same reason why Fred was my crush: Fred actually has pretty big biceps for a ten-year-old.

Joe Arthur (Time Warp Trio): I have no idea about this one. I think he flexed his muscles again. You know, whoever animated the series gave 10-year-olds bigger biceps than what is reality.

Raimundo Pedrosa (Xiaolin Showdown): It’s the abs, I admit.

Clay Bailey (Xiaolin Showdown): I don’t know why I had a crush on him, but it was probably because of how strong he is despite being gentle. Funny enough, my first boyfriend was from Texas.

Chiro (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!): I kind of forgot about this crush until I went to Fanfiction.net and went down the list of cartoons to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

Captain Crandall (Teamo Supremo): Does anyone even remember this show? It didn’t get a lot of Disney love.

Philly Phil (Class of 3000): I don’t know, and I don’t remember. He’s my type, though: white guy with glasses.

Duncan (Total Drama): Dude, he’s just hot. I’m not the kind of girl who goes for the bad boys (seriously. Why is the “I love bad boys” trope so appealing to some women?), but I probably could have cosplayed as Courtney when I was younger. No Duncan/Courtney vs. Duncan/Gwen debates in the comments, please.

Cody (Total Drama): I’m not usually into geeks, but he’s just so cute!

Harold (Total Drama): I’m not usually into geeks, or is Harold classified as a nerd? I don’t know. I wish more happened with the Harold/Leshawna couple during the Total Drama series. My husband is kind of nerdy and I’m also a black girl who married a white man (and has liked more white people than other races), so some representation was nice.

Jordan Wilde (Oban Star-Racers): Yes, I’m counting Oban Star-Racers as a cartoon, even though it’s in the anime/manga category of fanfiction.net (but in the cartoons & comics & graphic novels section of AO3). Remember how I said I like muscles? Yes, that’s the only reason why I had a crush on him. I don’t think it lasted as long as the next one, though.

Rick Thunderbolt (Oban Star-Racers): A man with muscles and abs whose first and final appearance was him shirtless (among other times)? Yes please! On the now-defunct Oban Star-Racers forums, I started a roleplay thread about what Rick Thunderbolt does after returning to Earth and my character was supposed to be the love interest. However, the guy roleplaying as Rick didn’t stay long since he isn’t good at roleplaying, so the roleplay turned into something else.

Stan (Oban Star-Racers): No shirt underneath overalls AND muscles? Well I know who I want as my mechanic. Wink. Too bad someone else on the Oban Star-Racers forum got him first. We even had a wedding ceremony thread for Stan and the forum user. Kimm, if you happen to see this, I wish you finished your Captain Shirtless Loves Little Mouse fanfic. She’s allowed anyone to take over the fic, but you have to credit her by her fanfiction.net username Hatori’s Assisticant. The fic was last updated in October 2008 and she may have forgotten about being a fanfiction writer, but giving her credit should still be advised.

Kurt, a.k.a Nightcrawler (X-Men Evolution): So I forgot about this crush too until my Fanfiction search. Okay, so he’s not fully human either, but I think I preferred his Kurt form over his Nightcrawler form. Didn’t stop me from making a sign saying “Mmm, big blue elf meat” back in high school.

Jude Lizowski (6teen): Forgot about this one too. He can deharsh my mellow any day. While I watched 6teen on Nickelodeon at first, I watched it more when it was on Cartoon Network. While he ultimately isn’t my type, he was nice to look at and a fun person.

Wyatt Williams (6teen): Yep, another forgotten crush. Isn’t fanfiction great? You know, for a black person, I rarely had a crush on black people, either in real life or in animation. While he was nice to look at, my time watching 6teen in university was around the time in my life when I started to develop feelings for people when it was NOT heavily based on how they looked. Like, sure, I want someone to look good, but it’s not a 100% requirement anymore. Wyatt’s a nice dude. I even inspired my look in university based off his first girlfriend Serena. Bigger gold hoops than I used to wear and I kept my weave in a ponytail. Besides, if I still liked people 100% based on looks, I would have had a crush on Jonesy Garcia instead.

The Warden (Superjail!): I’m done repeating myself. The looks got to me (sees the pattern of white guys with glasses from my real life type). I even wanted to cosplay as The Mistress (the warden of Superjail’s female prison counterpart Ultra-Prison), but the costume does not fit my body type.

Lance (Sym-Bionic Titan): It’s the abs, alright?

Oh wow, I totally forgot how many crushes I had until I made this list, and I may have forgotten some. I’m pretty sure my future blog post about anime crushes is even longer. I need TWO hands to count how many crushes were from the anime Naruto (and no, I did not have a crush on Sasuke).