Updates! Updates! Come Get Your Updates!

When you get to the part of the video where the woman says “Backpacks! Backpacks! Come get your backpack!” you’ll see why I gave this title for my blog post.

So this isn’t a life update, but a blog update!

Do not worry, I will still write posts on this blog. If you go back to my post where I reflect on old blog posts, you will learn that there are some old blog posts that I didn’t like. In today’s writing workshop, I decided to edit some old blog posts. My main focus with today’s edits were to remove curse words in one blog post that were highly unnecessary in one blog post and to sound a lot less whiny in another blog post. Blog posts with major changes will be noted at the top of the blog post with the month and year the editing was done.

One of the reasons why I wanted to edit my blog posts is because a majority of blog posts were made pre-autism diagnosis or before I found out about neurodiversity. I wanted to reflect on how my world makes more sense to me compared to before my diagnosis. I also wanted to edit posts to show how much I changed from being someone so angry that I called two women “bitches” for not being thankful for being able to have kids after a miscarriage (they both had a baby girl, but were upset because they wanted a boy) to thinking before I write so I can get my point across better. My opinion stayed the same about being thankful for being able to have kids, but I am ashamed of my feminist self for calling them “bitches”. Point is, I was a very angry person years ago.

We were not the same people we were years ago. Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch my younger self in the face. Our blog posts when we started out are different than they are now. My writing style likely has changed. My blog themes have changed many times in the past… April will be five years since I started this blog post! Holiest of shits!

More blog post edits may be happening (especially for grammar), but I promise I will write more neurodiversity posts and discussions of my grad school project.

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