DiaryofSelf Marries in 2020

T – 4 Months: Four Seasons

Hey everyone! We’re starting to get down to the wire here. Since the last time I talked to you at the 5-month mark, this is what has been done!

  • Had my makeup trial and put down the deposit
  • Franklin picked up his resized ring
  • Finalized the style of the tuxes
  • Best man got measured for his tux
  • Got my tiara to wear for the wedding!

This is what needs to be done between now and the 3-month mark:

  • Figure out with my hairstylist which hairstyle I can realistically do
    • I found some pictures online to share
  • Have my dress alterations consultation
  • Mom and grandmother need to find dresses
  • Groomsmen need to get measured
  • Get my custom-made jewelry

And this needs to be done by the end of March

  • Figure out what to put in the wedding registries
  • Maybe figure out where to go for our honeymoon
  • Get Franklin measured for his Class A uniform
  • Think of songs for the important parts of the reception (wedding party‚Äôs reception entrance, first dance, mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, and tosses)
    • I have some songs thought out, but not all of them
  • Get invitations designed and (maybe) sent out