Decluttering in 2019: Fall Fun

Okay, so for the last time, I will be posting what I got rid of from October through December.

  • Three shirts
    • One shirt had armpit stains that wouldn’t wash out, another had sleeves that were starting to come apart, and a third shirt was a shirt with a collar that was rubbing against my neck and left a mark

So now that 2019 is over, how do I feel about the decluttering? Honestly, I feel like I didn’t get rid of as much stuff as I planned. I’ll have to keep working on decluttering for the first half of 2020 so I won’t take too much stuff with me when I get married.

DiaryofSelf Marries in 2020

T – 6 Months: Insert Expletive Here

Oh shoot! We’re down to 6 months until I’m married! Where did the time go? I started the countdown at 18 months, then another at 15 months, and each month starting from one year away. Now we’re at the point where we could pick up our marriage license if we want to do it this early! In the state I live in, you must get married within 6 months of getting your marriage license. So what got done between now and a month ago?

  • Sent out most of the save the dates
  • My matron of honor picked out her dress
  • The third bridesmaid got measured for her dress
  • The matron of honor and two bridesmaids paid for their dress
  • Scheduled a cake tasting
  • Figured out where to do tuxes
  • Found out I need to find a new groomsman (story of that here)
  • Got some more vases
    • Thanks to online shopping taking over the retail industry, AC Moore is closing down so I had to get as many vases as I could. Congratulations, Amazon shopper. You’re killing brick and mortar. I HATE HATE HATE online retails.

This is what needs to be done between now and the 5-month mark:

  • Get the last groomsman
  • Pick out what the tuxes will look like
  • Get the groomsmen measured
  • Finally book a makeup artist
    • Hope it’s not too late to find one
  • Send out save the dates to the people who live in-state
  • Do the cake tasting
  • Figure out what to put in the wedding registry
    • Franklin is supposed to be closing on the house around the end of the month, so now we can have a list of things to put in the house