DiaryofSelf Marries in 2020

T – 10 Months: Hey, 10 is Franklin’s Ring Size!

10 more months until someone has to figure out how to straighten out my cathedral-length veil when I turn to the aisle (the ceremony room has a 90-degree turn for the aisle)! This is what happened since the 11-month mark:

  • We got our engagement photos back!
  • We visited a florist
  • We have another groomsman!
    • So far, we have the best man and two groomsman. One more groomsman to ask!
  • We have our flower girl confirmed too!
    • She’s my niece. My brother (aforementioned asked groomsman) already knew I wanted my niece as a flower girl

Here’s what I think can be done between now and when I go back to school at the end of August:

  • Put down the floral deposit
    • I’m putting that here since I’m taking the deposit after work today, which is after this blog gets posted
  • Choose save the date design
  • Think about cake
    • We can start thinking about cake, but we won’t need to choose our cake and design until 6 – 9 months out

Between the 11 and 10 month marks, I was realizing that I may not be able to get through the entire planned list before I go back to school. These are the checklist items that may not get done and the reasons why:

  • Getting the rest of the addresses from the people Franklin and I worked with
    • One of my co-workers may be moving, but he won’t know for sure for another month or two. Once he knows, he’ll give me whatever address
    • I reached out to a former co-worker for his wife’s name and address and based on the short responses he gave to that text and another, he might not be the best person to get the rest of the addresses
      • This means that I might not get everyone’s addresses that I want. If that’s the case, I’ll just have Franklin and my matron of honor contact the people who I want the most out of those whose addresses I didn’t collect
  • Sending our venue coordinator a list of questions we have for her to answer
    • Like I mentioned above, I wanted to send the questions out when we were one year away, but I felt like it was too soon and may do it at the 9-month mark
    • I thought I had the questions written somewhere, but I can’t find them. I’ll ask her questions as the time goes on since questions may come up later
  • Updating our address book to add names and addresses
    • This will be an ongoing process that may not be done by the time I start school, but it definitely needs to get done before save the dates go out to the out-of-state guests

Since the above list was originally on the list of things that need to get done during summer break, I modified the list on here. However, the downside is that this will increase the size of the list of things that need to be done during my semester at school (and maybe the end of the year). Maybe this can be stuff that I can attempt to get done between now and the 9-month mark.

Please note that I will be starting the Fall 2019 semester of grad school soon, so the only posts I may be making for the rest of this year will be my wedding countdown and my Decluttering in 2019 blogs. I need to put a lot of focus on the classes for this upcoming semester since I will be finishing up my core requirements and I need at least a B grade to pass.