Try Something New 2018

Try Something New: New Things in May

In this blog, I pledged to try one new thing each month in 2018. The new thing could be trying a new food, doing a new activity, or going someplace new. I have asked my fellow readers and my boyfriend to hold me accountable. At the end of each month, I will tell you all what new thing or things I have tried. I will also discuss the barriers that caused me to not try it before.

I did better than I did last month and tried more than one new thing (I only did one new thing back in April). Good for me. I first went to a new restaurant. It’s a British pub.

Barrier to going to a British pub: I don’t live near one. Clearly, I don’t live near exciting things.

Why I went to a British pub: Franklin’s dad’s cousin and her husband wanted to take us out to dinner. The plan was to eat a home-cooked meal, but the recent rainfall made the outdoor deck not look good.

My thoughts on the British pub: I liked how you could either get french fries in “shoestring” style or “English style” (which are steak fries). I personally prefer steak fries or crinkle-cut fries. However, Franklin’s dad’s cousin complained about how the pub was loud due to people coming from a wine tasting festival. Restaurants and pubs aren’t supposed to be quiet…

I went to another new restaurant the day before. It’s a new pizza place near my house that’s called “(insert name of a character from a popular movie here) Pizza”. Not saying the actual name or else you’ll find what town I live in. I’ve made some controversial blog posts so I don’t want to be tracked down and beaten.

Barrier to going to “(Character from popular movie) Pizza”: It’s a new place. It just opened up earlier this month.

Why I went to “(Character from popular movie) Pizza”:

  • Dad printed out the menu for me after hearing good things from his co-workers
  • Dad wasn’t making dinner that night
  • Franklin and I chose this over going to Noodles & Company

My thoughts on “(Character from popular movie) Pizza”: The inside of the place looked like the inside of a restaurant I visited back in January. Guess it’s a new trend? I also felt fancy having wine with my pizza. Moscato is the only wine I like. Definitely will go back one day.

Speaking of “(Character from popular movie) Pizza”, I tried a new food there too! I tried brussel sprouts!

Barrier to trying brussel sprouts:

  • I don’t like vegetables
  • No one I know eats brussel sprouts
  • I have never seen brussel sprouts other than in pictures

Why I tried brussel sprouts: It was actually Franklin’s idea. He looked at the small shareable plates and I asked me if I wanted to try the roasted brussel sprouts

Note to everyone: I read on Reddit that people don’t like brussel sprouts because their family members don’t cook them properly. Franklin has also never had roasted brussel sprouts because he’s had to eat them cooked in a way that “they were boiled within an inch of their life”. His words, not mine.

My thoughts on brussel sprouts:

  • They weren’t that bad
  • They were topped with parmesan cheese and pieces of bacon, which helped with the taste a lot
  • Needed more bacon and parmesan cheese
  • I would take a piece of bacon to put underneath the brussel sprout to help with the taste
School · Self-Reflection

Returning to School: How Do I Feel?

I would like to apologize if I post even less than I have been lately. I am about to return to school to obtain my Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Three months ago, I got my acceptance letter into the Master’s program. Because my Bachelor’s degree was not in Computer Science, I have to take three pre-requisite courses to “catch up” to the other students who have Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science. Those courses are discrete mathematics and two computer science classes. I have to get at least a B or better before starting my degree requirements. Tomorrow evening (May 30th), I will start taking a 7-week course for discrete mathematics.

I have decided to take the class over the summer so I could get a head start on my pre-requisites and reduce my extended time for completing the program. This will allow me to start my degree requirements in Spring 2019.

Weeks ago, I felt excited. I don’t feel anxiety about starting this even though I have heard how difficult discrete mathematics is, but I don’t feel anything right now. I’ll probably feel anxious about it tomorrow.

I have figured out ways to help me put in the most effort I ever put into a class.

  • I will utilize the small library on the military base I work on, my kitchen, and maybe some local libraries as study spaces. I live half an hour away from campus and will commute since I’m a grad student, so I don’t want to spend time and gas to get to the campus library.
  • I will read the textbook ahead of time to get an idea of what I will be learning about and to identify any concepts that are hard to understand.
  • I will review what I learned in the previous class to reinforce concepts in my head.
  • I will utilize YouTube videos to supplement my learning to review concepts in what could possibly be a new way or to fill a gap in my learning.
  • I will learn study skills that I did not learn in the past.

I will still do kickboxing, but I will only be able to attend Saturday morning lessons during my 7-week summer session and the fall semester due to having classes during the evening lessons. People say that exercise is good for relieving stress, so I won’t quit kickboxing. I will also utilize my boyfriend as my support when things feel stressful during the semester, because no one else will be my emotional support.

Anyone who has been following me since last year may have noticed that I don’t post as much this year. This is because much of my posting have been about other people or about events going on and it derailed from the original purpose of chronicling my personal journey. I changed that this year to mainly focus this blog on me. However, while I’m taking classes, I will likely blog less. I will still tell you the new things I tried this year because of my goal to try at least one new thing each month for 2018, but don’t be surprised if my only post for the month is from my Try Something New 2018 series.


Unexpected Good News

So yesterday, I was trying to find an application through my job that lets you set goals. I need to do this by Tuesday. I couldn’t find the application, but I found the electronic pay stubs. I decided to be curious and look at how much money has been going into my bank account lately and I noticed that it’s been more than usual. I originally thought it was because of changes into how much taxes get taken out. Nope, turns out I got my annual raise back in March.

I didn’t think I was going to get a raise after getting kicked off a project for not being good enough. I didn’t get an e-mail from my boss like I did last year. Glad I got a raise so I can put more money into my monthly student loan payments. Can’t wait to do that starting the next payment. Got to whittle down that student loan!

Speaking of work, I’m doing test engineering stuff on a project I was on when I first started with my company and it’s going well. I even was pulled aside by my test lead so he could say that I’m getting high praise and that I’m really good at being a test engineer. I find test engineering to be much easier than being a software developer because test engineers have step-by-step instructions, which is something that someone like me needs. Software development is more abstract and it’s hard for me to think the way a developer needs to think.

I’m still going to pursue my Master’s degree in Computer Science since the classes might help me become better at development work, but test engineering is probably my best fit for the foreseeable future. I will warn everyone now that when I start my summer math class and the fall semester, my blog posts may become more sparse than they have this year.