Try Something New 2018

Try Something New: New Things in March

In this blog, I pledged to try one new thing each month in 2018. The new thing could be trying a new food, doing a new activity, or going someplace new. I have asked my fellow readers and my boyfriend to hold me accountable. At the end of each month, I will tell you all what new thing or things I have tried. I will also discuss the barriers that caused me to not try it before.

Compared to January and February, I made sure not to do too many new things. February had a lot more new things than I mentioned, but taking an emergency trip to Florida to a place that is not Orlando had me going to a lot of new places.

Let’s start with a new food I tried, which was seared peppered ahi. You may know it as seared ahi tuna as well, but Outback Steakhouse has pepper on the ahi tuna.

Barrier to trying seared ahi tuna: Unless it’s salmon, I don’t eat seafood.

Why I tried the seared peppered ahi:

  • I had a spicy tuna roll before and thought seared peppered ahi would be good too
  • The opportunity presented itself when I saw it at Outback Steakhouse as an appetizer option

Fun fact: I wasn’t planning on trying the seared ahi tuna yet. I planned on trying it in June when I’d meet my Godfather for our annual dinner when he attends a police convention. This restaurant we go to offers seared ahi tuna as an appetizer and I was going to get it in June.

My thoughts on the seared ahi tuna: It was surprisingly really good! The ahi tuna seemed to melt in my mouth. I will definitely get this again.

I went to a new restaurant this month too.

Barrier to going to this restaurant:

  • I never heard of it
  • The place is 40 minutes away from my house
  • I’ve only been to that part of the state twice

Why I went to that restaurant: My boyfriend and I were visiting his dad’s cousin and her husband and they decided to take us out to dinner.

My thoughts on that restaurant: It was nice, but due to the distance, I wouldn’t really get to go there again unless we visit my boyfriend’s dad’s cousin again.

Before I end this month’s Try Something New post, I wanted to make a comment. When I was eating my seared peppered ahi, I was worried that one day this year, I would try a new food and not like it because of my success so far with trying new foods. Realistically, this may be a possibility.

2 thoughts on “Try Something New: New Things in March

  1. I had never try the ahi tuna… I might try it. I love seafood… but now I’m allergic to shrimp, crab and lobster 🤐🤐 Is baddd!! since I can’t those things I have try a lot of other seafood… and I love it. Nice topic for you blog…


    1. Thank you! I never had shrimp or lobster before, but I’m worried about trying shrimp in case it turns out I have a seafood allergy. I used to eat crabs with dad, but when I was 2 years old, my mom walked by and said “ewww”.

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