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Finding My Voice in a Patriarchal Workplace

So today’s post was supposed to be an informational post to help people with finding the right birth control for them, but I did something at work that I’m proud of. Even Santa Claus was proud of me (more on Santa Claus later in this post).

So at work, we have to write user stories so there can be work for us software engineers to do. However, the software that is used for creating the user stories can only be fully used by certain people for right now. Me being one of them. That means people who can fully use the software has to input user stories from people who can’t create the stories on the software. However, I noticed that I’m the one being asked by another developer to input his user stories and another guy’s user stories into the software.

Is this sexism? I don’t know. I had to nip it in the bud.

So yesterday in our daily stand-up meeting (where some people sit down) after I said what I had done the day before and what I planned to do that day, I had asked if anyone else was being asked to input the user stories and I firmly (but professionally) stated that I will not be the secretary for this team. It felt good to nip any plans of taking advantage of me due to misogyny in the bud.

So one of my team leads (I have two) told me that he doesn’t want me feeling that way and he’s hoping that the additional creator licenses will free me from having to be a scribe. He also thinks they would have taken advantage of me if I didn’t speak up. Glad to have a team lead on my side. Then today before the stand-up meeting, a co-worker whose nickname is Santa Claus told me I get a gold star for yesterday. He told me he raised three daughters and he’d expect them to react the same way. As Santa said, I’m not a damn secretary.

I just don’t want a repeat of my previous job and just want to stop things before they start. Becoming a feminist has opened my eyes to opportunities to stop being silent. My mom got a magnet from a friend that says “Woman of strength and dignity” and it’s based on a Bible verse. That magnet will be me and I won’t let men or misogyny get in the way of that. I have the goal to not be like the old version of me who will be overly weak (as learned from an exercise I did with a therapist) and be worried about doing or saying something that makes people unhappy.

Maybe this is the beginning of my transformation. Come join me as I transform.

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