Workout Buddies: Good for Motivation and Improvement

Franklin’s military class is going well. Thanks for asking!

So jeanapril is following me now, and she’s a Lifetime Emerald Beachbody Coach. This inspired me to write today’s blog, which is about workout buddies.

I didn’t have my first workout buddy until my second year of university. I wanted to go to the fitness center more often than I did the previous semester and I heard this girl in marching band saying that she wanted a workout buddy because she wanted to start going to the fitness center. We would work out together on Tuesdays after we got back from English class (we were in different classes since she was a freshman and I was a sophomore) and she would work out on her own on Thursdays since I had color guard practice those days. And that’s how she became my other best friend from university.

After graduating, I didn’t have another workout buddy until I started kickboxing. You’ve heard me talk about Gary in the past, so I will just link to that blog post. Yes, for those wondering, I did have a crush on him. However, you can thank Franklin for the crush ending (as well as Gary getting re-injured and being gone for a few weeks to recover). I’ll just say one thing, though: the excitement of seeing Gary in class is what would motivate me to go to the kickboxing gym whenever I didn’t feel like it. Different people have different motives for working out, so tell me what your motivation is!

Now, when I’m not working on improving my new kicks and sweeps in kickboxing, I help to teach and review things with some other kickboxers. Last month, this one guy named John joined the kickboxing class in order to lose weight (he’s lost 8 pounds so far. Good for him!). I work with him on his kicks and gave him some warm ups that black belt Phil taught me for strengthening and stretching my hips. I may be a yellow belt, but I find that teaching kicks by breaking it down helps me to reinforce proper techniques. My next belt is green belt and we still have to perform lower-belt kicks for tests, but with improvements compared to the previous belt. Plus, being able to teach was (and might still be) a requirement for the last belt, which is why I led warm-ups last month when my cousin was here. I was told to lead a 15-minute warm-up. This was what I did in the warm-up in order.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. “Front back side to side” This describes the scissoring motion your legs make. You start with one foot in front and one foot in the back. When you jump, you switch feet. That means if your right foot was in the front and your left foot was in the back, your left foot is now in the front and your right leg is in the back. When you jump again, your feet cross one in front of the other. Then in the next jump, your feet separate like you were about to do a jumping jack. Then you cross your feet again, but with the other foot in front of the other. I can’t find a video, so I hope I did my best to describe it.
  3. More jumping jacks.
  4. Feet moving side to side while doing jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses. Moving the feet side to side is for footwork.
  5. More jumping jacks until the two minutes is up. We know when two minutes are up because of the Sparmate timer.
  6. Some stretches and squats.
  7. Shadowboxing for one round.
  8. Punching combinations. I would have liked to add kicks to the combinations too, but I was only given 15 minutes to lead the warm-ups. This was a good way to have me think on my feet (for those whose first language isn’t English, “thinking on your feet” means to think and react quickly. For example, I couldn’t stop to think for long to come up with the next set of combinations for the class to do).

Do you have a workout buddy? Would you want a workout buddy?


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