Revisiting June 2017 Goals

This post will be kind of quick because my cousin is arriving from North Carolina tonight and will be staying in this state for nearly the entire month of July. Since he will sometimes be at this house, my blogging may be a bit lacking.

Near the beginning of June, I came up with goals. Let’s see if I accomplished those goals.

Goal 1: Learn a new life skill. For this goal, I decided to learn to cook something following a recipe. I made lasagna and had minimal help from my dad. Goal completed!

Goal 2: Start learning and using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. I actually started doing this shortly before making this goal. The technique I used this month was journaling. You just write in your journal about how you’re feeling. I had to do this with my second therapist and my blog post about how I felt about being diagnosed with a very mild case of ADHD is an example of journaling (trigger warning on that blog post: mention of suicidal thoughts).

Goal 3: Get my yellow belt in kickboxing. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in June. Probably because my coach was away from the class for a few days due to attending his girlfriend’s mom’s funeral. However, I was told that I will soon be testing for my yellow belt shortly after he comes back from July 4th weekend (also his birthday weekend).

Goal 4: Finally start reading the book “Harmony” by Karis Walsh. I finally started reading… on the last day of June. Hey, can’t have more than one unmet goal! I’ll do a review on the book after I finish reading it (whenever that is…). Once again, I have to do the review here because it’s an LGBT book and I don’t want any of my YouTube videos to be restricted.

Goal 5: Start doing exercises outside of kickboxing class. I have been doing this. I mainly use weights and I helped a co-worker move into his new apartment this past Tuesday after work.


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