Kickboxer Rage! Shadowboxing Means No Contact!

First of all, I want to give a shout-out to Catherine. She is one of my followers and she’s started kickboxing. Read her blog posts here. Catherine, I will have a blog post in the future that will be able to give you tips for kickboxing.

I’m angry. So angry that I even talked to my kickboxing coach about it. Nearly a month ago, my workout buddy got kicked in the ribs and bruised his rib. No, I didn’t do it! I’d never forgive myself if I did. On the evening of May 17th, he got kicked in the ribs again. Same spot as last month. He also got hit in the nose by a different person and it looks like his nose might bruise. Last week, he got hit in the eyeball by a guy who is quitting boxing to join a different gym. These injuries should not have occurred because we were doing paired shadowboxing, which is no contact.

The combined boxing and kickboxing class is two hours long three times per week. The first hour is conditioning hour, which consists of warm-ups, stretching, shadowboxing by yourself, paired shadowboxing (no contact boxing or kickboxing), and ab work. Read that again. No contact. It means that your punches or kicks don’t hit the person. Tell me, why the hell is my workout buddy hurt again? Another month of him having to sleep on his right side since his left side is hurt! He said he’ll still be in class on Saturday, but I don’t know if he will.

So why are Gary and I angry? I’m repeating myself, but shadowboxing is no contact. Still, people are making contact. Gary got hurt twice in one day and ribs take weeks to heal. He doesn’t even want to shadowbox anymore. I’m angry because people aren’t practicing self-control. I’m starting to not like this gym because more than one person has done contact work during no-contact shadowboxing. Since he was kicked in the ribs twice, I’m worried that he might quit if he gets hurt one more time. I don’t want Gary to quit. I feel a connection with him moreso than anyone else at the gym. I only see him when I have kickboxing, although I want to spend time with him outside of class like some other boxers and kickboxers do.

For 2017, I promised myself that this is the year where I’m not silent. I will speak up. I don’t want to be silent and be seen as passively accepting things that are wrong. That’s why I talked to my coach after class. I suggested that he remind everyone that shadowboxing means that there will be no contact. He told me that he’s going to keep a closer eye on my buddy during shadowboxing and will tell anyone who looks like they may do contact “Absolutely no contact” before they do a round of shadowboxing. He’s also been given the options to either “work the bags” (hitting the bags) during the paired shadowboxing time, shadowbox with the coach, or shadowbox with a few people he can trust (which to be honest, he doesn’t seem to like kickboxers anymore since it’s almost always been kickboxers who hurt him. I hope I’m the exception to his dislike for kickboxers).

Gary, if you ever come across this blog post, Coach and I don’t want you to quit. Coach likes you a lot. I really admire how you figuratively spat in the face of death and decided to pursue boxing after being given your second chance at life. Whenever I get frustrated at my lack of improvement, you make things better. Whenever I don’t want to show up to kickboxing, the thought of you being there makes me want to go to class. You mean a lot to me and if you quit and I never see you again, I would be devastated.


7 thoughts on “Kickboxer Rage! Shadowboxing Means No Contact!

  1. I read that first paragraph like 5 times for real. I was like that’s my name too, when I press to see the blog is mine. OMG! Thanks for the shout out! I made my day/night my weekend!

    I feel bad for your partner. Some people don’t practice with responsability. He might need to took action to never practice with that person or change the time he go to practice etc.

    Messages to Gary: Don’t quit practicing kickboxing, this is just a rock in the way, but still path to walk!

    I can imagine your frustation, is not fair.

    Thanks Again!

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    1. I agree with you. Some people don’t have the self-control yet, but the person who kicked him in the ribs has been kickboxing for at least ten years. He also forgot that Gary’s rib was healing when he aimed the kick.

      I talked to my coach and if Gary wants to shadowbox again (as of right now, he doesn’t want to), then he’s not going to shadowbox with anyone who has hurt him.

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  2. Its always horrible to hear that somebody isn’t enjoying kickboxing.

    Hopefully it’s something that can be avoided in future, but it might be worth mentioning that Shock Doctor make ‘ShockSkin’ clothing (I believe Under Armour do something similar) with padded sections, one of which is on each side. Might be a good back up if the bad rib is a long term issue?

    But still, ‘no contact’ should mean exactly that!

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    1. I’ll take a look at ShockSkin clothing and tell my workout buddy about it. He is taking a break from boxing to let his ribs heal and he likely won’t doing paired shadowboxing again (the coach is okay with it), so he may end up not getting it.


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